KeyPress doesn't get called when holding 3 keys but only with some specific combinations of keys


From my test it look like once there is two keys pressed the third one doesn’t trigger a Keypress event if the key code is and odd number.

I get this behaviour even with just the keypress and not even using keyStateChanged.

bool MainViewController::keyPressed (const KeyPress& key, Component * originatingComponent)

        DBG(key.getTextCharacter()<<" "<<key.getKeyCode());
        return true;

Since it does work with some keys but not with others I was thinking it could be a bug in Juce and not a limitation of some kind from the os. Currently only tested in OSX.


That’s an osx not a juce problem. Try it in a DAW or something.

It may actually be a limitation in the physical keyboard itself. Most PC keyboards have this limitation as far as I’ve experienced.

Experiment: Place the cursor in any text input field (e.g. a text editor) and hold down both the I and C keys. Now try hitting the keys W, E and R. You will probably not see the E key working as long as the I and C keys are held down.

I remember playing chords on my Amiga keyboard which did not have this limitation. Also, some wireless PC keyboards do not have this limitation either.

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Hey thanks so much for your responses.

Yes of course I don’t know why I didn’t thought about those 2 simple test you guys just suggested.

Specially simple what Joachip said.It has the same behaviour
I was getting with Juce.

Very interesting thing to know anyway, now this little test is something that I’m going to want to try first every time I get my hands on a new keyboard. :slight_smile: