KeyPress::getTextDescription() returns wrong string (OSX)

KeyPress::getTextDescription() returns ‘Shift + #’ instead of ‘Shift + 3’ in OSX. This probably happened during the cocoa switch. In Windows it still returns ‘Shift + 3’ which is correct.

If you pass ‘Shift + #’ into KeyPress::createFromDescription() it does work b.t.w.

Ok, ta.

Actually, just looking at this, it seems to be impossible to get the ‘3’ for that event… And a quick look at what happens in XCode’s key mappings shows that it has the same behaviour. Annoying, but I can’t see any way around it!

In Xcode Shift+1 is translated into ‘!’ indeed, but without the word ‘Shift’ in front of it.
In Juce it shows ‘Shift + !’ which is impossible.

It’s not quite that simple - XCode does include the shift if you type shift+3… I think that as long as it works, I’d rather leave it!