KeyPress - textCharacter


Is there any chance you’d be able to add in some bits to make using the textCharacter easier? Currently the only way to set it is in the constructor.

I’d like to be able to set a KeyPress by its description, and also set the textCharacter, and currently that’s not really possible unless I then take the keycode and create a new one using the other constructor.

Ideally it’d be able to figure it out for itself [i’m quite surprised that it doesn’t already, tbh!]


Sure, I can add a set method for it. It’s really just intended for use by the windowing code though, because that’s the only place you can reliably get hold of the text character information.


actually, no - just looking at the class, it’s basically designed to be immutable, so best not to give it any set methods at all. You can easily change the values by creating a new one and using an assignment.