Label enhancement request

1)Color Control
I recently made a number of labels in a loop, and then wanted to go back and change the color of the text in a couple of them. The only way to set the text color is through setColours(), which sets six different colors at once. This requires 5 calls to get the colors I don’t want to change in addition to the setColours() call. Could there either be a getColours() routine to get all the colors in one blow, or set versions of getTextColour(), getBackgroundColour(), inter alia?

2)Caret Color Control
I can change the colors of the fore and background through Label, but not the color of the Caret. I understand this can be done by overriding createEditorComponent(), but that requires subclassing Label, and label is already pasing 4 color parameters to the TextEditor as it creates it, why not a caret color? Without that, creating cool labels with black backgrounds is more work, since the default black cursor disappears on the black background.

Other than that, the Label API has been great!

yes… it needs a more flexible way of setting up colours, and would be nice if you could easily add colours like the caret colour, too. I’ll have a think about this.