Lasso + Labels

Hello everybody,

My current Component is some kind of Excel sheet: there is a grid of Labels. Each can be edited by double-clicking on them.

I now want to add a Lasso to select several of these Labels. My problem is that I can not have both the Lasso being started and the double-click on the Labels: by playing with setInterceptsMouseClicks on the parent of the Labels, I can either give the click events to the parent (allowing the Lasso to be created/dragged), or to the children (double-click to edit the Labels works).

I don't know how to have both (Lasso + double-click)! Is there a simple way?

As an alternate way, I tried to detect the lasso from the Labels, however no more luck (plus a strange behavior of a visually shifted Lasso when the Label is transmitting the MouseEvent to its parent).


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Hard to know exactly what you're doing, but a trick I've used in the past that may help would be to create an overlaid component that covers the whole interface, and which can contain things like your lasso, but which can selectively allow things underneath to be clicked on via a hitTest.