Latest Juce Build Problems

  1. I just downloaded the latest juce, did a build of the Plugin Host and it crashes when loading the Garritan Aria Player. This is one of the most popular players around, used by Finale and Sibelius, and some Cakewalk products. I reported this a year ago and nothing was done about it. Can you please fix the problem? It hangs as soon as you connect an output. It works on every host I own, so it is just a problem with the juce host.

  2. There is a compiler error in juce_Vst_Wrapper.cpp.

channelConfigs can not be initialized like this. What should it be?

[code]bool setSpeakerArrangement (VstSpeakerArrangement* pluginInput,
VstSpeakerArrangement* pluginOutput)
short channelConfigs[][2] = { JucePlugin_PreferredChannelConfigurations };



Can’t say anything about the Garritan bug (where does it crash when debugging?), but JucePlugin_PreferredChannelConfigurations is a macro generated by the IntroJucer. You probably entered something wrong in the IntroJucer’s “Plugin Channel Configuration” field.


OSX or Windows?

Thanks for the quick answer.

The “Garritan Aria Player 1.0” hangs on the Windows platform as soon as you connect an output.

As for the previous compiler bug, I assume it was because I had the wrapper module turned on, but the code is not a plugin. We’ll see when I compile with my plugin.

And thank you Jules for leaving drawBevel in the graphics object. The graphics drawBevel routine could just call the LookAndFeel drawBevel routine.

I saw this by accident and I know David from Plogue quite well. He writes:

  • bram

Thanks and that may be it. I know David very well and he constantly fixes problems with the player. I was testing it with Aria Player version 1.0. So tomorrow I’ll get an update and test it.