Latest PSDK here to stay

Jules, as the old PSDK seems to be ‘officially’ unavailable now, what with needing to hunt for it and all, i think it’s probably quite important to make sure that the framework is fully supported by Juce and JAP.

Everyone who has the latest PSDK experiences the same bugged compilation thru clashes (mostly with the T macro), and that means that anyone up-to-date HAS to edit the JuceVSTWrapper.cpp file in order to get it to work.

The easiest way around it that i’ve found is with this file: juce_windows.h

This just lives next to juce.h in the juce folder and is included instead of windows.h, taking care of any precompiler definition traumas that may arise. If something like this were distributed with juce then the wrapper could be more easily fixed by the struggling newcomers.

Of course, if not, this is a simple fix for the VST JuceAudioPlugin problems you might have, y’all:

download the juce_windows.h file, and save it to your juce folder.
Edit the JuceVSTWrapper.cpp file and change #include “windows.h” to #include “juce_windows.h”.

Its still available here:
But I supoose thats not an official download location. More like an archive.

But since I just retrograded to get my gui to work, I vote for sticking with the old one! :smiley:

Fair point. I’ll get onto this today and do what I can to make it all build easier.

Right. I’ve sorted out the Dsound.h problem.

By cunningly defining a few DSound interfaces in the juce dsound code, and by dynamically loading dsound.dll, I’ve managed to get rid of any dependency on dsound.h or dsound.lib

I’m now building with the latest MS SDK, and it all just works, no need to install the DS SDK or copy any header files from other places!

I’m using juce v1.21 and JAP v1.4 and with the latest version of the Platform SDK only which still doesn’t <dsound.h>. I had to install the DirectXSDK (December 2005) to get it to work. BTW, Will the juce_windows fix be added to juce/JAP in the near future?

you don’t actually need to install the dx sdk to get it working, it only needs to have the dsound.h file in the program’s include path. i personally just put it in the main windows psdk includes folder and everything worked fine. it was in my fixer-patcher thing, but i foolishly had it set to only patch the old sdk (because they have different registry entries to identify them). i must update it…

(in fact, i was planning on making a more general purpose fixer/patcher with a ‘creator’ so you can make your own patch apps… perhaps this is the time… )