Latest tip toolbar

There is something very wrong with rendering images in the latest tip. Notice the JUCE logo over one of the combos, this happens in my apps that uses button with custom Images, they are drawn in some weird greyscale mode and are placed all over the app window and are rescaled.


  1. What platform?

  2. This is definitely a bug with the use of “pixelStride” in RenderingHelpers.h, it has all the signs

Found it:

RenderingHelpers::TransformedImageFill was not updated to use pixelStride (sorry!)

Jules should I make the necessary changes and give you a link to the diff or do you want to do it? It’s a fair bit of work, since it handles the various interpolation settings.

If you could figure out a fix, that’d be great - I don’t really have time to look at it myself right now.

Here’s the fix:

atom and others, any chance you could give this a test? It seems to work for me.