Latest trunk (Windows): JUCE_WIN32 not defined / link error

I downloaded the latest trunk yesterday, and the VST plugin hosting just wouldn’t work, even though I set the VST plugin hosting flag in JUCE’s juce_config.h .

I found out that JUCE_WIN32 was not defined. Now I am not sure if this is dumb Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express that doesn’t convert your project well from 8.00 to 9.00, or if the define/preprocessor define has really been omitted by bad luck.

Well, anyway, after adding JUCE_WIN32 to the preprocessor defines, everything works again. Just thought I might let you guys know if anybody gets stuck.

I also needed to include #include <comdef.h> because otherwise I would get a linker error in Release mode only saying unresolved external symbol _com_issue_error.