Launch plugin as an administrator in Windows 10

I would like to ask if running DAW (plugin host) as an administrator on Windows 10 also launch my plugin as an administrator?

I am asking because my client has a problem with authorisation. My authorising algorithm works in such manner that it needs to create and write special file to “C:\Users\Public\Documents”. And then every time plugin is launched it needs to read that file.

It looks like for one of my client it doesn’t work. The file is not created. I am not sure why, but I suppose my client has some problems with privilages. So I would like to ask him to try to launch plugin as an administrator.

But my client speak only in French and I speak in English only little bit and it looks like google translator is not perfect for us :slight_smile: That’s why I need to be sure how the procedure to launch plugin as administrator looks. To be able to explain him in simplest words as possible.

For any help great thanks in advance.
Best Regards.

To be more precisely. In my plugin I use

So the French names of folders shouldn’t be a problem. I even tested it on my computer. I set computer to French language, and everything works fine for me. So I still think it’s some privilages issue.

I’ve had an authorise problem with the user/appdata/roaming etc folder. It turns out the owner had enabled folder protection on Windows AND Panda anti virus. I don’t know about the Panda thing, but Windows does not activate the protection as default. I think people go through and enabled everything sometimes.
Allowing the DAW through as an exception to the rule stopped the problem. So I’m guessing the plug-in is seen as part of the DAW. I don’t know if this is VST2 or 3 only though.
Ask the user to tell you what the warnings are in the bottom right message list on the task bar.

thanks for answer. The case is VST 3 64 bit. DAW is FL Studio.