LayerEffects Downloadable Demo! (Windows)


Ready to run executable. Note that this is still a work in progress:

Download LayerEffects Demo (Windows)



Any tips or links to authoritative papers that would help get these implemented is greatly appreciated!!


Anything that you can draw into a Graphics (any combination of polygons, lines, rectangles, text, images) can be stroked with plenty of options and perfect anti-aliasing:



I think our definitions of ‘perfect’ differ significantly, because that anti-aliasing looks just terrible to me.

[NOTE: i only say that as you presented the above image as a demonstration of ‘perfect anti-aliasing’ - everything else looks great!]


Are you looking at the outer border of the black stroke? That’s what I was referring to. Yes, the interior of the stroke is screwed up. I have to wade through more research papers.


If I were you, I would reorder the effet items in the combobox no to get a lawsuit from Adobe.
Overall, it’s very very good. I guess the sub-pixel work are not working the way you wanted, but it’s a very good start.



It would be neat to put this together with these UI concepts:

I’ll have to check it out.



This is EXACTLY why I wrote LayerEffects!