Leaked OSXTypeface objects on iOS only


I've got an app based on StandaloneFilterWindow that works well on windows and os x.


However, when I run in the iOs simulator, then quit the simulator, 90% of the time I get 3 leaked OSXTypeface objects (very rarely, it will proceed without hiccups, but I cannot reproduce this).

Another thing I noticed is that if I hit the 'Home' button in the simulator, and quit the simulator while the app is away, there are no leaks.

I had put a lot of debug code into my destructors, quit functions, etc, but the app doesn't even seem to make it that far. I'm not sure if this helps, but it looks like the thread gets to juce::juce_iOSMain(), then UIApplicationMain, and that's where the error is.


Any clues to what is going on? I will gladly provide more information if needed.



I think iOS can sometimes just call exit() on a process without allowing it to shutdown gracefully, in which case you'll get leaks of any objects that would have been deleted by DeletedAtShutdown, like the typeface cache. But it doesn't actually matter if the process is getting killed, so probably not worth worrying about.

That is kind of what I expected - thank you for the clarification.


I shan't worry about it.