Learning how JUCE works

I’ve been toying around with C++ for like 15 years but I’ve always done so for a few weeks here and there and never really stuck with anything. I’ve also read my fair share of C++ programming books and the one thing I’ve learned is, that i won’t really learn much unless I’m actually making things. I’ve got my goals set and I’d like to make some software to perform a simple task and i’ve kinda mapped out what i’ll need to do in order to reach this goal. So, i’m sure i can work it out piece by piece instead of just going all out and making a complete mess, like i usually do.

I’d like to use JUCE to help me achieve my goal, but JUCE happens to present another challenge for me. Recognizing coding styles and syntax, that’s unlike what i’ve seen and learned along the way. I mean, it’s not THAT different, but I sometimes get thrown off. I can figure out lots of things, others, i ask about and get help, others i find reference material that guides me.

I’ve just started up again and after a few minor bumps, as usual, I’ve decided that i should be looking at the Coding Standards page, in an effort to possibly understand how things work in JUCE. I’m curious, has anyone else found JUCE easier to understand by doing this? What else did you do in order to better learn to use it?

Thanks for your time.

No offense JULES! I find your code a bit elegant, and I’m just trying to comprehend. :slight_smile:

No, I’ve found the best way to learn JUCE is to duplicate the Demo project and start hacking around and breaking things. The ‘coding style’ you use is actually fairly irrelevant unless you’re planning on releasing your source code, or you’re working on a big project where readability and code management will become an issue.

I suppose it depends on how you learn best, but for me, I need to experiment.

i’ve done my share of experimenting. I should definitely do more, i just feel that i should be working toward a goal, these days.