Legal Issues

Hello Jucers!

For the last few months I’ve been working on a plugin host app.
Just recently I have read about the intimidating world of patents infringement.
I’m not a paranoid, but it is known that suing a young company for patent infringement is very costly and has a good chance making
you go bankrupt.

Just downloading the PatentHunter ( ) and searching ‘Cubase’, ‘Protools’, ‘Ableton’ gives you a long list
of registered patents.

Therefore my question to you is: do you know any potentially legal aspect I should avoid developing my app?
Jules, you have developed a fully fledged DAO application, can you share with us your ‘don’t-do’ knowledge?

My original plan was to write my app, and when It’s in it’s final stages, hire a lawyer, establish a company, pay my Juce fees, etc…
But maybe I should hire a lawyer now, just to make sure I’m not doing anything I shouldn’t do.

Any legal advice will be most helpful.

Well, my attitude was just to get the hell on with it, and to not worry about what patents were out there. If you get to the point where your business is doing well enough to make people want to sue you, that’s the time to worry about it!