Legislating the value of pi


There are some jurisdictions in the United States where politicians have passed laws that pi equals exactly 3.14. Apparently, JUCE and C++ would be banned in such jurisdictions, due to their unlawful use of pi.

This is similar to medieval Europe, where the church and state outlawed the differential gear!


Very funny, I had a good laugh…

Did you refer to the variant from 1897, see wikipedia, that never made it to law, or do you have a more recent action?
2nd source: snopes about media hoaxes.

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My sources are newspaper articles I have read during the past ten years. I don’t recall which newspapers, but it might have been the San Francisco Chronicle.


it’s legal? :slight_smile:
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Irrelevant. JUCE is already banned in those jurisdictions due to its heretical spelling of words such as “color”.


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What separates the winners from the losers is how a person chooses the value of pi.


I thought they were more interested in p than pi right now :wink:



… or 4.0 * ATAN(1.0) .