Libraries, symbols & dynamic_cast

hey there. i rescently ran into a problem where my dynamic_casts failed. first i thought it was some random fallout form some heap curruption, but then i disocovered that it only happens when i use my own host and plugin and only in debug mode. it seems to me that it happens when i link host and plugn to the same library which is created with xcode param  :  "Sympols Hidden by Default : No".  came to test it after some web research, as this behaviour seems to be known quite well. my question is, as the introjucer seems to have created this option for debug builds of library projects, is this setting needed to be no (seems to compile and debug just fine without)? from what i understand this is more important for dynamic librarys isn't it?



Good question.. I'd always assumed that with symbols hidden it would mess up the debugger, but had never actually tested to see if that was true. If it doesn't affect debugging then yes, I guess the introjucer should make it default to 'no'!