License and scripted apps


I'm developing an app using JUCE which has a scripting language back end, letting users write plugins with a custom UI. The plugin API isn't directly based on JUCE's API, but I wanted to know if, when it comes time to buy a JUCE license in order to sell the app, whether there are any restrictions on using scripting languages.

I didn't think there would be, but then I extrapolated a bit, and imagined an unscrupulous person creating an "app" which is just a Python wrapper for the whole Juce API, and selling it for $1. This would bypass your license fees since now people could create a full application based on your hard work, make money, and owe you nothing.

Admittedly, it's a crazy idea, but I figure you may have a defined line in the sand which separates legitimate apps from the above case, so I can stay clearly behind it.



Well, I guess that's technically possible, but TBH my focus is just on people who use the library directly in C++.. If there was a python wrapper that did this and was a huge hit, that'd actually be great for helping new people discover the library!

Understood. Good to know it's not an issue, and I agree that it's a library that deserves developers' attention.

I am actually wrapping JUCE code in Python and it's working well (after some futzing around with the various threading models).  Hadn't thought of wrapping the whole thing and selling it, seems like a LOT of work!