Licenses and freelance jobs

Quick question regarding the juce license :
I have my own company and I have an indie license. Another company pays me to develop a plugin/app that they will distribute.
Do they need to buy their own license or not? it seems to me that no, but I may have missed it in the End User License Agreement.

non-juce question :
What about apple certificate? does someone know if I can use my certificate to code sign the app, or does the company that will distribute/sell the app need to have its own developer account?

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(obligatory Not A Lawyer disclaimer)

I think it’s a bit ambiguous.

1.6. You may sell or distribute Applications using the Code that incorporates your Licensee Content to end users, provided that you adhere to the terms in this Agreement, including paying applicable Fees once you hit your Revenue Limit. You may not sell, sublicense, or otherwise distribute the Code or Software on their own.

The Code and Software refer to the JUCE source code and Projucer as set out earlier in the EULA, so the latter part appears to be saying “You can’t sell JUCE source code or Projucer on their own” (kind of obvious). However the first part refers to end users, and nothing else I could find in the EULA touches upon selling binaries to an intermediary who will then sell to end users, so I don’t know how the law works when you do something that wasn’t expressly allowed/forbidden in the EULA.

The Apple certificate, would best ask them about that, but I can’t see any issue with it (same disclaimer as above applies). It might appear a bit weird/suspicious if the software is sold by Acme Ltd, but the code has been signed by Zeta Corp. but I doubt many end users check that stuff.

See this answer, should still be valid, even though JB moved on: