Licensing advice for newbie

Can juce be linked to something that has a license like this: ?
Thanks in advance

Probably not, but that’s only because the supplied hyperlink doesn’t seem to work :wink:

seems like the entire domain went down

that page used to read: [quote]
You may freely use, modify, and distribute both the FB Alpha source code and binary, however the following restrictions apply to the FB Alpha original material (see below for a list of libraries with differing licenses, please consult their respective documentation for more information):

* You may not sell, lease, rent or otherwise seek to gain monetary profit from FB Alpha;
* You must make public any changes you make to the source code;
* You must include, verbatim, the full text of this license;
* You may not distribute binaries which support games with copyright dates less then three years old;
* You may not distribute FB Alpha with ROM images unless you have the legal right to distribute them.[/quote]

With GPLed code, you can only link it with code that also uses a GPL-compatible license. I can’t like to say whether this is compatible or not, but it doesn’t really look to me like it would be. Don’t want to get embroiled in lengthy licensing arguments, so would say no.