Lightpad BLOCK: Increase Pressure Range

I have a few Lightpad blocks and have noticed that each one has a noticeably different pressure range. The amount of pressure needed to trigger a touchstart event is about the same, but the amount of pressure required to reach the maximum z value is very different, with my least sensitive block requiring twice as much pressure as my most sensitive block.

I prefer the response of the least sensitive block though because it allows a greater amount of motion to be used for musical expression. Is there any way to increase the pressure range of the more sensitive blocks so that more pressure is required to reach the maximum z value?

Sorry - the blocks are calibrated internally so that the range of values you get covers the range that it can physically detect!

I figured as much. Do you suspect the discrepancy in pressure sensitivity is due to wear and tear? My blocks were purchased used on eBay, and the less sensitive blocks tend to have a lower serial number. Or do you suspect the differences are primarily due to production quality variability?

No idea - could be variations in the silicone or sensors in different batches, I guess, but AFAIK they’re all tested thoroughly to make sure they’re within spec before they leave the factory.