Limiting channel count for Logic?

Hey everyone, I didn’t see this question posted elsewhere so hopefully it isn’t redundant. I am trying to build a plug-in that doesn’t allow for certain channel layouts within Logic, but does allow them in other DAWs. Specifically 7.1.4 support. I’ve discovered a couple issues with this.

  • if I don’t use create7point1point4() in my processor’s constructor for BusesProperties, I am unable to use the format in other DAWs (bad). However, leaving this in causes an auval error when I try limiting the counts in isBusesLayoutSupported() (also bad)
  • it’s unclear exactly how to detect Logic at all in isBusesLayoutSupported() - checking PluginHostType for AUWrapper doesn’t work, nor does isLogic(). Looks like checking for auval or info helper does however, I presume this is because AppleInfoHelper and/or auval are responsible for configuring the track, but this seems it may be Logic version or Apple Silicon dependent.

Anyone have any experience with limiting channel configurations for different DAWs? Thanks!