Link content with tab pages?


How can e.g. a button linked with a special tab page? Can I do this with

the graphical designer of the introjucer? Or do I have to do it programmatically?




Sorry, I don't really understand what exactly you want to do... are you talking about TabbedComponent? Do you want a certain tab page to appear when you click on a Button elsewhere? 

Yes. I mean the tab component (in windows forms language "tab control"). I want to place e.g.  a button

on page 1 of the control and a label on page 2. So when I select tab 1 or 2 in the running tool, I'd like

the button or label to be show when I select tab 1 or 2 respectively...

You create a Component for page 1 (and add a button there) and then another Component for page 2 (and add a label there), and then group them together using the TabbedComponent class and addTab(). Check out the documentation for TabbedComponent.