Link valueTreeState Parameters

Hello, I want to control the value of a processor value tree state parameter through another parameter.
For example

if (Band2L_freq == 20)

This works great, I hear the change (also see it in an audio analyzer) and my UI slider that is attached in the Param1 also moves in the “newValue” position.
When I switch to the generic Parameter View (of the Reaper DAW) the parameter changes internally (i can hear it and see it in the analyzer) but the value and slider position of the Parameter View UI do not change.

I have also tried the


but didn’t work either.
Any ideas?

Reaper does not update the parameters, even if they are MetaParameters. When you enable and disable the UI again, the parameters should have changed correctly. Just verified this with one of my plug-ins.

You could post this in the Reaper forum as a feature request.

Thanks mate!