Linking with Release library causes native window decoration


When I link with the Release build of JUCE, I get native window decoration around the window (Gnome title bar and buttons), but when I build with the Debug version of the library, it works like I’d expect it to: no window decoration.

Is the debug build doing something different than the release build? IE… trying to be helpful and fixing programmer errors?

Edit: I’m running Ubuntu Gutsy amd64. I don’t think that matters, but it couldn’t hurt.

I experience the same problem. No idea why it happens. Just hope it’ll end someday with some minor fixes.

That’s a bit bonkers… I can’t see anything in the windowing code that compiles any differently in release mode.

It only happens on Linux. Perhaps I should try running a different Linux distro in VMWare to see if it’s just the versions of the dependent libraries that are causing the problem.

Could be that, I guess. Haven’t seen it happen on my ubuntu distro.

Do you run 32 bit or 64bit? Just trying to find a good test case.

Only 32 bit.

Well, I rebooted my machine and rebuilt.

It magically started working.

I guess it’s a false alarm. Weird that it happened to someone else as well.

I had a similar problem with window decorations on Linux Ubuntu. In my case the difference is the 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It works as it should when built on 32-bit, and has the false window decorations when built on 64-bit.