Linking with the Projucer (Beginner question)


Im trying to develop some classes alongside my vst plugin. I added the .cpp and .h in the projucer and build with XCode, but it looks like the targets are not linked correctly, I get linking errors.

Whats the correct process to do this?

update: After restarting it builds, but only the archive “libProjectName.a”, the vst3 is not build anymore. So maybe I have to build my library stuff as a static lib project and link that in the plugin? Having a 2 step workflow seems kinda weird, am I overlooking something?

So, figured it out, adding the files in the Projucer works fine and the linking error had another reason. I had a template that was spread over 2 compilation units (.h and .cpp). Adding a template class RingBuffer<float> to the end of the implementation file fixed it. Probably smarter ways to structure this but at least my sanity is restored…