Linux and Multitouch

Hi, is there a chance for a multitouch support on linux? (inkl. raspberry pi)


IIRC, there is no standard X11 multitouch event system so that’s probably tricky to accomplish! An article on the topic shows that it’s not consistent across DEs: Multi-touch gestures with native touchpad drivers on Linux | The NeoSmart Files

And FWIW, DEs like GNOME provide extensions to manage and allow this through X11: X11 Gestures - GNOME Shell Extensions I’m guessing this particular extension is probably not available across the board, so that would mean a stab in the dark in knowing which user can use this feature (so designing for it as a main source of input would be kind of crazy).

Presumably interfacing with every and any kind of extension would be a fiery rabbit hole…

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thx for the reply, but it wasn’t really that what I expected. Because I need a multi-touchscreen support.
the multitouch example gives me only one point as output.