Linux - ICE and Projucer time frame

Hi Guys,

Sorry one other question.

I’ve recently moved over to Linux as my Dev environment and am using a Neovim setup with clang and lldb and I’m loving it.

Is there any word/roadmap for live compile features on Linux yet ?


Bumping once just in case there are any updates.

We’ve been focusing on the difficult problem of Windows, but wouldn’t expect linux to be a challenge… Can’t give any concrete dates but will aim to do it immediately after we get a Windows beta released.


Cheers Jules.

HI All,

I don’t suppose there’s any rough idea for a time frame on this yet ? It’d be sooo useful at the moment, developing on Linux for various reasons including a now slightly smashed up mac (and limited cash to replace it!).

I’ve got a few GUI classes to write over the next couple months and hopping onto the old mac to use the ICE engine so I don’t have to build and test a thousand times an hour is a slight pain in the ass. Not life ending though, may have to just suck it up and write all my components on the rusty mac :slight_smile:


For fine tuning GUI classes you can also use the awesome live constant functionality Jules introduced a few years ago. If you are not aware of it, the Juce Demo contains a demonstration of it.

Btw. how long are you already using NeoVim? Happy? I used it for approx. 2 month (on OS X) but now I have switched back to regular Vim, too many rough edges. Will look at it again when it is more mature.

Hey Samuel,

Yeah I’ve used the Live Constant before. The projucer is just so much more convenient though. I hadn’t really fully appreciated it until I was tweaking a wavetable oscillator class a few weeks ago to try some over sampling and different interpolation approaches. Hearing it all back as I was coding was just a much quicker way of getting the class together.

I’ve been using neovim for about 4 months or so now. Using all the usual plugs like YouCompleteMe, NERDTree, cpp-highlight etc.

I’ts on Linux obviously but so far I’ve been really happy with it. Getting things set up to my liking took a while but since I’ve not had any problems. That being said I still wouldn’t consider myself a power Vim user so others might find nvim more limiting than I have.



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