, Debian-based Linux distros and Redhat-based Linux distros

I just came across and read the file while idly exploring the directories. Thank you for this.

The packages listed are oriented towards the Debian family of Linux distros.

A few weeks ago I wrote a bash script that successfully installed JUCE on Fedora 34 and 35 versions of Linux.

These are the rpm packages and Fedora repositories I installed. Could someone go over the list and see if anything on it is actually redundant and removable. As for additions there are some debian packages I could not match with a rpm e.g; libasound2-dev libjack-jackd2-dev. Note the slight variation in the file and package names from the Debian ones. Also Redhat uses “dnf” not “apt” or “apt-get” for installation.

sudo dnf -q update
sudo dnf copr enable @fedora-llvm-team/llvm-snapshots
sudo dnf install -y llvm 
sudo dnf install -y clang 
sudo dnf install -y freetype-devel 
sudo dnf install -y libX11-devel 
sudo dnf install -y libXinerama-devel 
sudo dnf install -y libXrandr-devel 
sudo dnf install -y libXcursor-devel 
sudo dnf install -y mesa-libGL-devel 
sudo dnf install -y freeglut-devel 
sudo dnf install -y alsa-lib-devel 
sudo dnf install -y libXcomposite-devel 
sudo dnf install -y gnutls-devel 
sudo dnf install -y libcurl-devel

libasound2-dev provides ALSA, so alsa-lib-devel seems like a good match.

For libjack-jackd2-dev, a quick Google search returned jack-audio-connection-kit-devel, but I can’t confirm whether it provides all the needed files.

Thanks McMartin.

I will add those two files to my script, update it further then test it.