List of changes that impact user-code (since V2.0 release)

I’ve finally got around to replacing some bool “send change message” parameters with an enum, called NotificationType.

This means that for a few methods, you’ll need to change your code, e.g.

mySlider.setValue (10.0, false); ...becomes... mySlider.setValue (10.0, dontSendNotification);

Old code should cause a compile error, and it’s very easy to update. Using an enum to describe the desired effect makes the caller code much more readable that having some mysterious bools there.

For plugins and AudioProcessors, there’s now a new method that needs to be implemented: silenceInProducesSilenceOut(). Setting this can help hosts to run more efficiently.

There was a mistake in MidiMessage::getMidiNoteInHertz() that meant it was returning the wrong value (it was out by 1 octave)… I’ve corrected this now, but you might want to make sure that any old code that used this function won’t be affected.