List of unsupported plugins?

I would like to propose a publicly maintained list (in the Wiki?) of plugins that currently have issues with a Juce-implemented host (the demo host could serve as a reference). I have a host app that runs perfectly stable with most AU/VST plugins, however, quite a few plugins do not work at all (do not even load). The list would much help to investigate remaining bugs in a collaborative effort and also identify plugins that are just buggy, incompatible or not standard compliant.

Suggested structure of the list (columns):

  • Manufacturer + plugin name + OS + format (e.g. NI, Kontakt 3, Win, VST)

  • One column for each operational phase: Scan/Create/Operate/Delete, each showing a
    * green X (ok)
    * orange ? (incomplete, random results)
    * red ! (crash, lockup)

  • Comment on the observed issues

  • List of reference hosts that can successfully run the plugin (same format & OS)

  • List of reference hosts that show similar issues (same format & OS)

Candidate reference hosts are all major DAWs: Live, Logic, Cubase, FL, Sonar, Reaper, whatnot.

Items that have all columns green should be moved to a separate “supported” list. Hopefully that green list will be growing longer and longer over time. Unfortunately I am not very savvy with Wiki syntax and how difficult it might be to maintain such a table, but undoubtedly it will be very helpful to collaboratively narrow down remaining issues.

What do you think?

Good idea. I’ve experienced some crashes with a VST (BTAnalogTrackBox) in Juce’s host, while it loaded correctly in Ableton.
That’d be good to have a list, so we can see if other people can reproduce and so on …

Good idea! Feel free to add it to the wiki. There should probably also be a “supported hosts” page too, for plugin developers.

Great, I iust made a start: :smiley:

List of supported plugins:

List of supported hosts:

My main development machine is a Mac Pro, so I did not yet do any extensive tests on Windows. Will do so over the weekend.

Cool! Thanks!