Littlefoot log() didn't really show anything in the "BLOCKS Code" console

I can display the integer with drawNumber(), but really want to use the Console instead of the LED display for debugging, is there any thing I missed before using the log() function ?

As it the “BLOCKS Code” mac App didn’t display anything, so the log() goes no where.

Please help.

It seems like the log function is a little unstable at the moment but I was able to display values after a couple of script loads. You may need to reload the script and check/uncheck the interact and target checkboxes until it appears.

Thanks for pointing this out.

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Hi, was this fixed at all? Don’t seem to be getting any logging here on OSX. thx

The issue should be fixed in the next release of Blocks Code.


is there anywhere to make suggestions for the editor for some additional basic functionality or is this something that’s not intended to be enhanced and remain fairly basic? thx

We are aware of the improvements needed in Blocks Code but it is safe to say that it is not currently at the top of priorities.

If I could add a couple of (hopefully minor) suggestions for your consideration:

  1. When saving a project, use the last saved path location rather than starting from scratch
  2. Add a recent file/projects menu entry
  3. Allow code block indentation management with tab/shift tab.
  4. Provide a simple “#include” mechanism for importing code


EDIT: Save and Save as for project appear to do exactly the same thing actually which may be a bug? Save project doesn’t retain the project name previously entered

Is there another mechanism to log output while we await the update to Blocks Code? At the command line or some other low-level mechanism would be fine by me.