Live Build Settings - User Header Paths


User Header Paths don’t seem to work, should these be relative to the Projucer project or Xcode project or some other location where the live build engine lives?

Looking at the code (, they should be absolute or relative to the folder that contains the .jucer file.

I hope this helps. Feel free to give more details about what doesn’t work for you.

Thanks @McMartin, that didn’t work… Something might be up with my setup.

Also noticing that Live Build Settings panel doesn’t persist my User Header Paths between re-launches of Projucer and loading my project. I’ve been meaning to check this out for a year now, was just curious how it all worked and performed.

Oh well, maybe I’ll poke around next time.

The user header paths should be relative to your project folder. As for the settings not being saved between loads, I’ve just pushed a fix for this that should be on develop shortly.

I’ll give it another go.
Thanks @ed95