Live coding questions

I was just wondering how prevalent crashes were for those who use the live coding functionality of the projucer? I am using a MacBook Pro with i5 processor and 8 GB RAM and it seems to crash quite frequently for me. Are there certain recommended minimum requirements in order to be able to use the live coding without crashes? What are people’s general opinions on the usefulness of live coding in general?

I have never been able to get it to work with the code I write, and it seems to solely be based on my style - sometimes it complains about the way I’m including things, sometimes about things I don’t understand. I gave up on it after getting comfortable with flex boxes which do exactly what I expect 99% of the time and remove most of the tedium.

The primary use that was always shown off during presentations was live debugging of UI code, which used to be a huge deal back when JUCE didn’t have any sort of constraint system and layout was a massive pain in the butt. I think they said it was useful for DSP prototyping as well, but I never tried it for that.

Outside of it simply not working for me, I shudder at the thought of actually writing code in the Projucer. Personally I need robust autocomplete, refactoring, find/replace, and symbol navigation to help me code with any efficiency (I’m close to the speed of thought at this point with AppCode on macOS, VS2017 on Windows), which Projucer simply doesn’t have since it isn’t an IDE.

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I use is fairly often. When working on custom LAF, I find that it is quite nice. It does work with audio, but not in an ideal way.

It seems to be great for GUI building. I’ve been thinking about how it might be useful to separate the GUI design from the DSP coding so that maybe it might make sense to do the GUI design first in projucer and then jump over to Xcode for the DSP coding. I’m fairly novice at this point so I find myself thinking a lot about how to improve my workflow.