LNK4204 warnings

I have a working Visual Studio 2005 project that I imported into Subversion. I then created a working copy on a different machine. After fixing paths, and environment variables, the project builds but issues a slew of link time warnings such as:

jucelib_static_Win32_debug.lib(juce_AlertWindow.obj) : warning LNK4204: ‘c:\svn\proj\src\JuceMidSide\build\VST_Win32\Debug\vc80.pdb’ is missing debugging information for referencing module; linking object as if no debug info

I checked my entire build tree - sources, objects, dlls, pdbs - into Subversion . I have tried cleaning out everything before building, but to no avail.

I’m rather perplexed as to why I can build without warnings on the original machine, but not on the newly created working copy on the second computer. Any ideas on what is going on here?