Load a Child VST inside my plugin, getting it to send values

This is tricky, I have loaded a Child VST inside my main VST. And now, I want to pass a value when something is clicked in the Child VST to the Host VST.

One idea I had is to create a Timer class that checks for a certain parameter, if it changed, I ask the VST what has changed and it tells me. A bit nuts, but it works.

I use the setStateInformation for that. I pass a very long variable with CMD02 in the start, the Child VST checks for that and returns the data in the actual *data pointer. I do this to check the Child preset-name and some extra info, works perfectly.

Of course, unless there’s an easier way to do this that I just don’t know… :oops:


I think a bodge like that is probably your best plan - the plugin APIs aren’t designed for sending arbitrary events or data to their host. I guess you could also use a named pipe or other interprocess comms stuff, but that’s probably even more of a hassle.

Yup. Thanks Jules. I know this is not optional, but for now, I can’t convert my whole Wusik Station code into the Juce format just yet. (too much work) I do plan on doing this for the 2010 period, as it would help me a lot. Still, the Multi-VST idea for letting the user load multiple instances in one VST, would still mean loading a plugin inside a plugin.

In any event, the initial idea I had will work. I was just checking if there would be another way, which clearly there’s not. :wink:

PS: thank you so much for making Juce, it sure helps A LOT. :mrgreen: