Log window

Hi all,

What’s the easiest way to create a simple log window ? Using the TextEditor ?


good advice, don’t use TextEditor for logging if you plan on using that log in debug builds, it’s very slow when handling a lot of data, i use a CodeEditor component instead and it works very well.

Seems a bit awkward :wink: I just might have me a listboxmodel which encapsulates the log.

awkward how ? it’s really fast and works well, much faster then the normal texteditor

In that you need a CodeDocument, and that inserting at the end of the document content seems cumbersome. Could you give a quick hint of how you’ve done it ?

constructor of the window

CodeDocument statusCodeDocument;
CodeEditorComponent statusEditorComponent;

	:	Component (T("Status")), 
		statusEditorComponent(statusCodeDocument, 0),

when a message gets logged (i wrote my own Logger class, and my own LogMessage class to keep formatting, timestamps and so on)

void CtrlrStatus::messageLogged (CtrlrLog::CtrlrLogMessage *message)
	statusEditorComponent.insertTextAtCaret (message->format());

that’s it, not much really but it works nice.

Thnx very much :slight_smile: I’ll try it out.

Tried this

class EventListBox : public CodeEditorComponent
    EventListBox() : CodeEditorComponent(m_doc, 0)

    void appendLogMessage(const String& logMessage)

    CodeDocument m_doc;


but it crashes on the first line of CodeEditorComponent constructor, looking like lines member is uninitialized… so there must be something more to it ? :?

yeah i was having issues when subclassing the CodeEditorComponent class, that’s why i have a member in the class and am not doing inheritance, works for me.

Is that becasue the CodeDocument member hasn’t been initialised before you pass it to the CodeEditorComponent constructor?

With 100% certainty. I have no idea how to initialize it, and frankly I don’t have the time right now to figure it out. The docs said:

/** Creates a new, empty document. */ CodeDocument();
Well… the listbox approach works fine though.

Edit: Ah, I see now what you mean. Testing it out right now.

Edit2: It’s been a rough day… can’t believe I made this error :oops: But anyway, I can’t make it read-only and remove the caret so listbox it is…