Logic does not recognise sidechain bus when implemented after first scaninng

I added sidechain bus to my plugin, but logic simply does not recognize it, or at least not show the sidechain selector on the plugin GUI.

WHAT DOES NOT work to solve the problem
Reset & Rescan does not help
deleting /Users/christian/Library/Caches/AudioUnitCache/com.apple.audiounits.cache
and killing AudioComponentRegistrar does not help

What does help:
renaming the plugin

There are similar threads to this problem, but nowhere a real solution

Does anybody know what to change, in order to get logic to detect the sidechain?

Looks like increasing the project version number, helps too!

This is an ongoing problem. Has anyone gotten word from Apple on how we’re supposed to handle this? I can see the sidechain in a plugin I added sidechaining to, but a coworker cannot, and vice-versa with a plugin that he added sidechaining to.

Out of curiosity:

Does it detect the change after a reboot of the computer?
And after the user logs out and then back in?

No, I guess it’s some hidden-preference inside logic.
What I didn’t tried is to delete the logic plist file.