Logic Editor controls not working


The Logic Pro (10.4) generic editor controls appear not to be working, I noticed an issue with one of our plugins and built the JUCE Demo plugin which exhibits the same behaviour.

The parameter value up/down arrows don’t function and the value drag defaults to fine adjust mode. Other non-JUCE plugins behave as expected.

I know this is an area of Logic that probably isn’t visited very often but has anyone else experienced this?



Thanks for the heads up. We’ll look into this next week along with fixing and updating some other parameter bugs.

Thanks Fabian.

Was this ever fixed? I am seeing the same thing. I need to use the Logic control view when using the Logic remote control iPad app, as it is the default view for plugins.

Hi, we are on beta testing and we encountered this issue too, does anyone now a solution for this? thanks in advance

Hi, I encountered this issue too.
Dragging changes the value only slightly and the up/down buttons don’t work.

  • Logic Pro v10.7.4
  • JUCE v7.0.1