Logic Pro 10.6.1 entitlements

Our AU plugins, which also use execution of the code from memory, stopped working in Logic 10.6.1 (Big Sur, Apple Silicon). It’s worth mentioning, that Intel version of Logic still works as before.

Apple devs have obviously removed “com.apple.security.cs.allow-unsigned-executable-memory” entitlement from Logic arm64 version … we can’t think of any other reason. The bad news is also, that even signed code (in our case) won’t load and execute from memory, not only unsigned, as entitlement name might imply. All other currently available AU hosts on Apple Silicon (Reaper for example) are working as expected (they all have this particular entitlement enabled).

This sounds like a bug, but from our previous experience with Apple, it could be the way how arm64 Logic Pro now works. In this case, we’ll be forced to create another solution, which will replace execution from memory. But we must be sure, before development starts (btw. it will not be an easy task).

So, does anyone around here have similar or any other experience with Apple Silicon/Logic Pro 10.6.1. Any ideas or hints, which would help us clarify this issue.



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