Logic Pro 8 AU plugin view menu not showing plugin name

OK, I tried everything however Logic Pro 8 is always showing JuceUICreationClass_1_50_juceDemoAU in the dropdown menu when you select View dropdown on top of the plugin? This should show the plugin name…


WTF? They’re taking the Obj-C class name of the NSView and showing that the the user??


Yes, I’ve also noticed it some time ago but forgot to mention about it. I’m not sure what another AU host do that (AULab or GarageBand) but I saw it in two different host apps.


Who in their right mind would use a debug symbol as the name you present to the user?? Insane…

Ok, well I suppose I’d better add a config flag to allow that class to be named more usefully.

Hi Jules,

Have you managed to update the tip with the new config flag option? Thanks.

Sorry, not yet, but it’s #2 on my to-do-list and won’t take more than 5 mins. Probably later today.