Logic Pro 9 crash, hardware problem?

One of my user has a crash during its Logic Pro 9 start up with my Audio Unit plugin.

His configuration is an Apple 2 x 2.8 Quad Core Intel-Xenon with 8 GB of Ram on Mac OS 10.6.5.

The strange thing is he doesn’t have the problem with his laptop (same OS) and neither do I (macbook pro i5 / 10.6.6).

I dowloaded the GIT the 15/02/11.

Any hint ? :?

My only hint: Check your code for memory buffer bugs. For some reason, Logic Pro 9 crashed due to such errors when developing my last plugin, while Logic Pro 8 and other AU hosts ran the plugin with no problems.

thanks for the hint

Some kind of subtle concurrency bug that you’re lucky enough to miss on a dual-core, but which is getting hit when it’s running on a quad-core?

Might be… the point is how to corner the problem :?