Logic Pro Error - AU Generators cannot have input buses

Hello, could anyone help me how to get rid of input busses? Logic gives me error like in topic.

I tried to remove from code those lines:

.withInput ("Input", AudioChannelSet::stereo(), true) // removed from initialization (class header)

And I removed:

   #if ! JucePlugin_IsSynth
    if (layouts.getMainOutputChannelSet() != layouts.getMainInputChannelSet())
        return false;

But then in Logic, validation of plugin crushes.
Please Help.

To be clear, I just want to create simply waves generator, like sine, saw, noise etc. And throw it to insert slot on any audio track.

Have you looked at the AUv3SynthPluginDemo example? It’s a generator with no inputs

If your plugin accepts MIDI to generate those waveforms you need to check “Plugin MIDI Input” and “Plugin is a Synth” in the Projucer.

Thanks I will check that. But also need to complain little :slight_smile:
I am still beginner in programing, and my experience with Juce examples is: it’s time consumin to understand what’s going on there, and often it doesn’t give me the answer, or it’s just too complicated to understand for me. That’s why I ask for some more detailed and specific hint. But of course I will try to check the example you recommended, but with no hope for answer :slight_smile:

You can refer to the JUCE tutorials for a more detailed explanation. I recommend checking the Bus Layout tutorial here for what you are looking for.

Actually I don’t want midi remote. I just have in the plugin one button mute/unmute, slider to change frequency, and radio buttons to choose wave form like sine/saw/square/noise

Ok I will try it, thanks for advice