Long files simple Audio Editor



Hi all,

I am looking to implement a simple Audio Editor that can handle long audio files. The editor should be able to process the wav file, for example, cut a portion, paste with cross-fades, and others. This should be done non-destructively. I want to be able to play the wav file after the edits have been made.

The Playing Sound Files has been helpful. I am also able to use WavAudioFormat::createMemoryMappedReader() to handle long files. Reading everything into memory is not feasible due to memory and speed issues with large files.

What I am not sure is what’s the best approach to do the processing. As a simple example, what would be the best way to cut a portion of audio, and then cross fade the remaining ends? For example, with A at 50mins and B at 50.3 mins, what’s the best approach to go from:


(where the cross-fade happens in AB).

I want to be able to, ideally, keep using AudioTransportSource to play the modified audio.

Any suggestions are very appreciated.