Long files simple Audio Editor

Hi all,

I am looking to implement a simple Audio Editor that can handle long audio files. The editor should be able to process the wav file, for example, cut a portion, paste with cross-fades, and others. This should be done non-destructively. I want to be able to play the wav file after the edits have been made.

The Playing Sound Files has been helpful. I am also able to use WavAudioFormat::createMemoryMappedReader() to handle long files. Reading everything into memory is not feasible due to memory and speed issues with large files.

What I am not sure is what’s the best approach to do the processing. As a simple example, what would be the best way to cut a portion of audio, and then cross fade the remaining ends? For example, with A at 50mins and B at 50.3 mins, what’s the best approach to go from:


(where the cross-fade happens in AB).

I want to be able to, ideally, keep using AudioTransportSource to play the modified audio.

Any suggestions are very appreciated.

Curious if you figured anything out, I’ll be doing something along these lines soon. Cheers!

Yes, I based my solution out of PositionableAudioSource, and created a PositionableMixerAudioSource that’s able playback files that start at different times.