LookAndFeel for Android?

Hello JUCErs!

I’m thrilled about the new JUCE-on-smartphone progress, and wanted to know who (if anyone) is working on a JUCE LookAndFeel subclass for Android-look widgets.


Stephen Pope
Santa Barbara, CA

up until now, i’ve been randomly overriding various method of the lookandfeel.

However, pretty soon, i want to create a way to give apps a whole new look, both through lookandfeel subclassing and component base classes. This wont be just for Android however, but Android plays an important part.

if you have ideas, please share.


Thanks for your response, hugh.


I guess I had naively assumed that this would be done already. The fact that we have a LookAndFeel class implies that we should subclass it for all current looks-and-feels, but it appears that it's not common.


I come from Smalltalk, where we have L&F classes for all standard (and several really obscure) L&F styles. See the screen dump http://fastlabinc.com/st-pluggable-look.jpg with examples of the same tool in ST-look, Mac-look and Windoze-look.


(I'd pay for it if there was an Android (and an iOS) L&F class for JUCE...