LookAndFeel method getPopupMenuFont() not having any effect Studio One Windows

Hi, this getting called correctly, but is not having any effect. Same code works in Studio One on Mac and in Live on Windows.


What does ‘not having any effect’ mean? What font are you expecting, how was it set, and what font are you getting?

For instance if I return Font( 50 ) just to check it’s working, on everything apart from Studio One on Windows, the popup font is very large as expected. On Studio One on Windows it remains small.

This is strange. Are you sure it’s not somehow caching an old version of your plug-in?
Is the rest of the L&F applied correctly, so can you see changes in other parts of the L&F?

Yes, everything else is fine - clients are seeing this issue too so don’t think it’s a caching issue.

i’ll make sure everything else is cleared off though, just to be sure.

Well, done a rebuild of everything, cleared off all the other versions of plugins (some old stuff hanging around for some reason) and all looks good now - thanks for checking but looks like user error.

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