LookAndFeel request : getTextEditorFont()

At the moment there is no way to define the TextEditors’ font via our lookAndFeels!

Could we have the following added to TextEditor::LookAndFeelMethods ?

virtual Font getTextEditorFont (TextEditor&) = 0;

with the following default lnf implementation :

Font LookAndFeel_V2::getTextEditorFont (TextEditor& textEditor)
    return textEditor.getFont();

it would also make sense to have a `virtual void drawTextEditor (Graphics&, TextEditor&) = 0;

Well… the TextEditor actually allows a mixture of fonts in the text, so not sure how it’d use a L+F like that?

just by calling getLookAndFeel().getTextEditorFont (*this) instead of getFont() in TextEditor::paintOverChildren() ?

But that doesn’t draw the actual text, it just draws the string that you can make it show when the box is empty. Is that what you’re trying to customise?

ah, yes, sorry. I guess the change would be in setText() then :

auto font = getLookAndFeel().getTextEditorFont (*this);
insert (newText, 0, font, findColour (textColourId), 0, caretPosition);

instead of the actual
insert (newText, 0, currentFont, findColour (textColourId), 0, caretPosition);


But the idea is that people can set the current font, then insert text with that font, then change it, insert some other text, etc…

Yes, I know, and that would still work fine if the default getTextEditorFont() implementation just return textEditor.getFont()

anyway, I just thought about something : I can actually just use an editable Label. It’s more appropriate for my purpose, and I’ll have getLabelFont() and the level of customization I need.

thanks jules

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