LookAndFeel_V4 drawConcertinaPanelHeader

Is there a reason, why the LookAndFeel_V4 overwide for ‘drawConcertinaPanelHeader’ doesn’t draw the panel name anymore? (Juce 6.0.7)
It did so with LookAndFeel_V3.

Anyone from the JUCE team?

That’s just the style of LookAndFeel_V4. I checked out the initial version of LookAndFeel_V4 from 2017 and drawConcertinaPanelHeader didn’t draw any text at that point, so I don’t think this is a feature that’s been removed or broken.

If you want a look and feel which uses the V4 style but also displays text in the panel headers, I’d recommend deriving a new LnF from LnF_V4 and overriding drawConcertinaPanelHeader to draw some text. You can check out the implementation of LnF_V3 to see how the text is drawn there.

Yep, I’ve already done this - mainly to accomplish this task, but it’s also good for other things I want.
I just found it strange, that it’s not there anymore, since I just switched from V3 to V4 and wondered where the panel header text went to, cause for me it makes absolute sense, that the panel would have their name drawn in the header by default…