Looking for a JUCE developer, and around for the ADC'16

For a project involving drawing and real-time granular synthesis for mobile devices. Since I will attend the conferences on the 3rd and 4th November, if anyone also attending is interested, I’d like to use the time left off the conferences to meet and discuss about that.

… and, just to make the topic a little more informative, my name is Rodolphe Bourotte, I work with the Centre Iannis Xenakis in France. We have a funded project for developing a small and easy app for iOS and Android to get a nice glimpse on the idea of drawing sound (clouds of grains), on the continuation of what the UPIC was, as a graphically-based composition tool.

Hi Rodolphe, I’m interested in your project.
Sad didn’t catch up with you during the ADC.
What’s your email?

hi Lucas My email is rodolphe(dot)bourotte(arobace)centre-iannis-xenakis(dot)org