Looking for a USB Communication module

I'm looking at porting to OSX a Linux project that involves communicating with a USB device.

It occurs to me that there is probably some abstraction that can be done between Linux, OSX, Windows regarding USB communication.

 I don't suppose JUCE contains any related code?

 Might such functionality arrive in the future?


Nothing in the box, though


Just wanted to check that you mean some sort of USB device that isn't just a serial port type communication?

Good point.  It might be a serial port exposed through USB.


^ that's the code I'm hoping to port. It looks as though the answer to this is no...

You definitely want some low level usb access, and that is not something JUCE provides. But, that project you link already has an OS X version. From the README:

* Mac OS X 10.7.5, clang (based on LLVM 3.1svn)
* Windows 8.1 (with MinGW and GTK 32-bit all-in-one bundle)

But, if you still want to access to low-level USB you should just use the same library they use, libusb:


Gosh, I didn't look closely enough!

Thanks! I had completely missed that.