Looking for C++ / DSP / JUCE freelance developer

Bump. Looking for new devs, thanks.

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It’s quite surprising that that Website is listing in Chrome as NOT SECURE.

Expired certificate.

Expired: Friday, 9 August 2019

@andyr0id Cloudflare can sit in front of your website and provide the illusion of https on the free tier, traffic is still travelling between their servers and yours unencrypted, but at least you won’t get penalised by search engines. :wink:

Hey there. Bumping because we’re looking for a new freelance job position.


  • Understanding FXB bank loading and correct management with VST3 (Cubase, Reaper 3).
  • Skills with scalable GUI and converting bitmap based GUI to scalable.
  • Rate of $30-40/hour (not a high level DSP coding work).

Offers via PM. Thanks!